Program studiów

The “Master of Business Administration” studies have been conducted at the Institute of Economics since 2008. We address our offer to ambitious, interesting people who seek inspiration, challenges and be a step ahead of the competition.

The program of the first semester is built according to the best, proven patterns and includes the main thematic blocks that constitute the core of the leading MBA programs around the world, the content of individual subjects reflects the current state of knowledge and is passed on in an attractive way for audiences, with an emphasis on working in teams and interactions between listeners and lecturers.

In the second semester, we propose more specialized and advanced subjects conducted by outstanding experts, allowing deeper penetration into the nature of changes taking place on the markets and organizations, as well as facing specific problems and challenges faced by contemporary organizations in an increasingly competitive and dynamically changing environment . We place emphasis on explaining the forces and mechanisms behind the observed processes taking place in enterprises and their environment, treating this approach as the basis for making decisions in today’s dynamic world.

The main objectives of the program are:

  1. Deepening and broadening of managerial knowledge,
  2. Teaching the use of modern analytical tools in the field of management, marketing, accounting and finance,
  3. Preparation for the analysis of the organization and the environment,
  4. Shaping practical managerial skills in the range of various forms of relationship with the environment,
  5. Learning to solve conflicts, communicate, conduct negotiations, initiate changes.

Program of MBA:

1st Semester
Lp.SubjectType of didactic classes*C/OHours in classECTS
1Marketing and New Medialectures and exercisesC151
2Brand Bulding and Communication Strategieslectures and exercisesC152
3Methods of Project Managementlectures and exercisesC153
4Cultural Issues in Managementlectures and exercisesC151
5Development and Change Managementlectures and exercisesC153
6International Business Strategieslectures and exercisesC152
7Leadership in Businesslectures and exercisesC151
8Management Accounting and Controllectures and exercisesC153
9Behavioral Decision Theorieslectures and exercisesC153
10Competition Policy and State Aidslectures and exercisesC152

Total number of hours: 150
Total number of ECTS points: 22

* – “C” compulsory subject to pass the studies, “O” optional subject.

2nd Semester
Lp.SubjectType of didactic classes*C/OHours in class ECTS
1International Marketing Strategieslectures and exercisesC152
2Business Process Managementlectures and exercisesC151
3Human Resources Managementlectures and exercisesC152
4Innovation Managementlectures and exercisesC151
5Organizational Behaviorlectures and exercisesC151
6Statistic in Businesslectures and exercisesC151
7Corporate Financial Analysislectures and exercisesC153
8Company Valuationlectures and exercisesC152
9Legal Issues in Businesslectures and exercisesC151
10Negotiation Skillslectures and exercisesC151
11MBA SeminarSeminarC4

Total number of hours: 150
Total number of ECTS points: 19

* – “C” compulsory subject to pass the studies, “O” optional subject.

The presented program may change. It does not constitute an offer within the meaning of civil law.