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Studia MBA w języku Angielskim | Recruitment for MBA studies

Recruitment for MBA studies

Agreement and study regulations

pdfContract template

pdfRules of procedure – post-garaduate studies

pdfThe information clause for persons participating in the recruitment process for post-graduate studies and for persons accepted for post-graduate studies

Recruitment rules

If you are interested in studying on our MBA program, please complete the application form and send it to the address dhabur@inepan.waw.pl. Admission is determined by the order of applications and the result of the interview.

Candidates for post-graduate studies are required to submit:

  1. completed application form,
  2. a copy of the bachelor or Master degree diploma,
  3. current CV,
  4. foreign candidates a copy of passport page with picture,
  5. 1 photo in a format such as for an ID card.

Registration and tuition fees

25,000 PLN (for the entire course of studies)
It is possible to pay in installments

Entrance fee: 400 PLN

The payment should be made to the account:

Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego
79 1130 1017 0020 1471 2920 0003

To submit your candidacy, send us your completed application form.
Admission is determined by the order of applications and the result of the interview.

Information and recruitment

mgr Daniel Habura

Pałac Kultury i Nauki
23rd floor, room 2324
Plac Defilad 1, 00-901 Warszawa

phones: +48 22 656 64 38; +48 535 006 790
e-mail: dhabur@inepan.waw.pl

First classes:
Recruitment: recruitment suspended
Place of conducting classes: Palace of Culture and Science
Total number of hours: 190 hours
ETCS points: 82 (total number)

Organization of classes:

Master of Business Administration in English lasts two semesters and these are part-time studies. They consist of two modules in the semester. Each module runs from Monday to Friday (between 9 am and 6 pm) at the beginning of each semester (October and April) and at the end each of semester (January/February and June).

All classes are held in English.